About the Courses

About the Courses

Characteristics of wa manabi Courses

Real manners cannot be learnt by simply memorizing actions or rules.
By showing your mindfulness to others through the proper application of manners a mutual understanding and respect will arise.
Wa manabi puts emphasis on learning the concept of ‘mind’ before learning how to put etiquette into action through ‘form’.
Being based on Ogasawara Manners, wa manabi specializes in applying etiquette to a modern lifestyle.

Manners and rules are formed by our actions. Our courses aim to awaken this ‘mind’ for manners and give you the confidence and determination to apply them in a business setting.

Manners: Respect, consideration, kindness, courtesy, reliability and trust….
Etiquette: Expressing ‘mind’ through your actions, body language, choice of words, conduct….

Our courses offer the opportunity for our students to develop the necessary skills to understand how to show respect onto others, be self-confident and communicate without issue.
These skills not only will be useful in a business setting but will also reveal themselves in how you conduct your day to day life.

Being able to understand and utilize this approach to Japanese etiquette will aid you increasingly internationalized Japanese and global society whilst helping you to be a cut above the rest.

Educational Courses to Learn and Practice Japanese Culture and History

Educational courses aimed to practice manners by learning Japanese culture and history and acquiring development of “mind” and “form”.

Educational Course Ⅲ  Learning a history of manners and basic knowledge useful in a daily life with role-play activities.

Educational Course Ⅱ   Learning proper conduct based on Japanese manners showing respect for others and developing you “mind” and “form”.

Educational Course Ⅰ   Acquiring knowledge of international protocol, as well as understanding in detail the foundation of Japanese traditional manners

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