酒井原ひとみ General Incorporated Association
Japanese Manner Association Wamanabi InstructorAuthorized Institution
Wamanabi representative director Hitomi Sakaibara

Our cultural customs and traditions are a product of human nature’s inherent and beautiful spirit. These customs, regardless of language, had the ability to spread from person to person and country to country.  At their basis, a respect for the very foundations of human life – the soil, water and light that create our food, and those gods and nature that deliver these upon us, have meant that etiquette has played an important part in our history.

However, in today’s modern world with the introduction of phones and the internet, these traditions have seemingly lost importance. In a world where we can easily obtain anything we desire, we have lost track of the true value of what we have. As such, the interactions that bind person to person have become less meaningful. Perhaps, it is now the time to examine what truly makes us happy.

Across the globe disasters such as major earthquakes and destructive weather often occur. The Japanese people have learnt firsthand the importance of working with those around you when such a disaster occurs. When that situation presented itself, we learnt the importance of thinking beyond one’s hometown and even one’s country in order to aid others. On a smaller scale, this importance to communicate and to express with others is present in everyday life also.

It is important to understand that there is a need to change how you interact with people from situation to situation. Those who can understand this need are individuals who standout above the rest. This knowledge and the ability to respect every individual with dignity and grace is necessary to deliver us into a new international age.

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