Japanese manners

To learn traditional Japanese manners, passed from generation to generation.

“A mind of respect”, “A mind of consideration”, and “A mind of hospitality”, there are all unique aspects of the Japanese mindset, even to be considered a cultural legacy.日本の礼儀作法とは

Education in morality has lost its importance within the next generation of young people meaning now more than ever there is a need to re-learn that once forgotten Japanese mindfulness.


 What are Japanese manners?

Traditional Japanese etiquette consists of what we call ‘kokoro’ and ‘katachi. These translate to ‘mind’ and form’ – ‘kokoro/mind’ is how we respect others, and ‘katachi/form’ is how we put this respect into action. Therefore, etiquette can be considered to be ‘form’, or actions themselves.

The way we express this ‘mind’ and ‘form’ comes about through showing respect to those around us, it as a code of conduct where communication can be undertaken regardless of our different values, customs, or stature.

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