Acquisition of Qualifications

Acquisition of Qualifications

Approved by General Incorporated Association   Japan Manners and Etiquette Association

Acquire the knowledge/ skill /presentation ability to become a manners/etiquette instructor by attending lectures and practices.

Being recognized as a third-grade instructor, you’ll be able to register as an official instructor of Japan Manners and Etiquette Association.

Our Association will also support instructors to open private schools or other activities as free-lance instructors.


Instructor Course

Trainees will be able to teach at the lectures.  (*The level of the course instructors can teach will vary depending on their grade.)

Official Qualification Course・・・Official lectures/evidence of course completion/authorization certificate/pins will be issued.

Grade 3 Instructor/Grade 2 Instructor/Grade 1 Instructor Training Courses


Master Course

Higher level courses.  Trainees will be able to teach at the instructor training courses. (* A level of the course masters can teach vary depending on their grade.)

Associate Mater/Master Training Course


Business Manners Instructor Course

A Course to learn business manners.  Trainees will be able to teach at a corporate training program.

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